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How to Choose Tiles To Match The Interior of Your Bathroom?

There’s no doubt that your bathroom gets exposed to moisture most of the time. This creates the need to tile it as a way of dealing with the constant moisture. Bathroom remodel is quite costly.

Reports from Remodeling Magazine in 2018 show remodeling a mid range bathroom can cost more than $19000. For this reason, there’s a need to choose tiles that will help improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

Let’s have a look at some of them.

1.     Choose varying shapes but not colors

Would you like to have a smooth mix that works well for any space? You can choose two designs of tiles having the same color with different shapes. Allow the grout lines to form the pattern.

2.     Create a balance on busy patterns

You can create a feature on a small area or a backlash using small statement tiles like oblong mosaics. This is much better than creating a feature across the whole room.

Incorporate large-scale plain tiles with the statement tiles to avoid monotony. You can get help from bathroom contractors in Glen Ellyn to help you do the right thing.

3.     Don’t ignore focal points

Do you have a free-standing tub you would wish to highlight? You can create a statement wall show-stopping colors and patterns in that area. Keep the other tile colors neutral to allow a specific focal point to shine.

You can also let the walls be simple and plain, leaving the floor to be the eye-catcher. As you deal with the floor and wall, make sure that they match the other rooms’ tiles. Get bathroom remodel Glen Ellyn contractors to help you match colors of the tile with that of other areas of other rooms.

When doing a bathroom remodel, you should create a stylish space and a personalized one depending on your preference.

4.     Always balance

While you may want to stick to one type of tile, this won’t make your bathroom stylish. You can look for professionals of bathroom construction to help you select tiles that will give your bathroom a unique appearance. Sometimes choosing one alone may not be easy.

Balancing between different tiles increases the value of your bathroom and makes it enjoyable to use during showers.

5.     Limit your color palette

If your bathroom has various types of surfaces, try to choose a restricted color palette. This helps you reduce competition between the patterns. You might want to use only gray and white all over the bathroom to give it an elegant appearance.

Improve the aesthetics of your bathroom by getting contractors of the best bathroom remodel Glen Ellyn to do the exercise for you. Tiles are crucial as they prevent your bathroom from hosting mold. It’s, therefore, essential to select tiles that match your bathroom interior design.