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A Few Simple Tricks To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

It seems like everyone wants a bigger bathroom. However, doing so often requires substantially altering the house.

The bathroom in your house doesn’t have to seem tiny, even if it is little. Without moving a single wall or building an addition, you can perform a small bathroom remodel Glen Ellyn, or replace a few things to give the appearance of a bigger bathroom.

Place a Bigger Mirror

According to bathroom remodeling contractors Glen Ellyn like ATOZ Tile & Remodeling, mirrors provide the appearance of more bathroom space while also reflecting more light into the area. Consider increasing the size of the mirror in your bathroom tiles Glen Ellyn that already exists.

Boost Natural Lighting

In a tiny bathroom, more light is preferable, thus natural light is always ideal. Potentially illuminating windows and skylights could be obscured by paint, grimy, or draped.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Replacement

The ability to store stuff below the sink and behind closed doors is one of the most advantageous features of bathroom vanity cabinets. However, vanity cabinets are also a waste of space in tiny bathrooms.

Reduce the Decorations’ Glory

A small bathroom may seem cozy and welcoming by adding decorative items like artwork and little rugs. But if they are not controlled, they may potentially cause significant clutter.

Reduce the use of dividing lines and color contrasts

Sharp color contrasts and dividing lines only help to give the impression that the bathroom is smaller. Wherever you can, remove or muddle the boundaries between things.

Include a Frameless Clear Glass Shower Enclosure

The shower or bathtub/shower combo is the biggest fixture in a complete bathroom remodel. The cage increases the feeling of size. Making the enclosure transparent is the best course of action as removing the enclosure is not an option. Compared to a framed enclosure, a transparent shower enclosure seems and feels less substantial.

The chaos that results from having a broad range of disparate materials in the bathroom might give the impression that it is small and crowded!